Scruffite FxD is the premier descaler, made from a blend of organic acids and surfactants it is safe to use with all types of metal. Scruffite is the very best chemical for removing scale and rust that money can buy. It can absorb up to 3 times its weight in scale but is non-hazardous and completely safe to use and it can either be applied neat (with a soft brush or mild abrasive pad) or diluted between 5-10% with water in an ultrasonic tank.

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Scruffite is the very best solution, for removing scale and magnatite from both industrial and domestic heat exchanges. Failure to remove scaling causes the machine or boiler to fail, resulting in massive expense for replacement. A typical enquiry for Scruffite comes to us with them wanting to keep their machines runnning

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Customers reviews

"The only descaler that works quickly enough for any engineer on the road"
       Pete Wilkinson 
Kodak Service Engineer
"Scruffite is the only thing that works, when it comes to major descaling in hard water areas. Order arrived promptly after helpful and professional advice."
Major Utility Company Engineer.
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